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On Fisher’s Watch: Fishers lead the way in Lakshadweep’s fisheries monitoring through community science initiatives

Seasonal variablity of spawning grounds of squid and cuttlefish in north European waters.

IMREC Diary: Citizen science in recreational fisheries

ILIAD and OTTERS: Supporting fisheries management by promoting citizen science

Hazard and catch composition of ghost fishing gear revealed by a citizen science clean-up initiative

ICTIO Platform: a citizen science approach to reveal fish migrations in the amazon basin

PREP4BLUE: Did you ever think about including citizens in your fisheries research?

Fish&Click: Citizen science to study abandoned, lost and otherwise discarded fishing gear

FarFish: Improving knowledge and management of EU fisheries outside Europe, while contributing to sustainability and long-term profitability

FISHstory: Using citizen science to describe distoric datches in the US South Atlantic

MICS: Measuring the impact of citizen science